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G Shaped LED Lamp Bluetooth Speaker For Bedroom Home Decor

G Shaped LED Lamp Bluetooth Speaker For Bedroom Home Decor

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1. Multifunctional Wireless Charging Atmosphere Light: The lamp is not only an atmosphere light but also has 15W fast wireless charging, Bluetooth speaker, music, sleep light, atmosphere light, bedside light, glare effect, Bluetooth audio, clock, alarm clock, and other functions.
2. Comfortable Wake-up Mode: You can customize the sound, volume, light color, and brightness through the APP, and personalize healthy sleep and wake-up routine.
3. Smart Light Control: The smart table lamp supports APP control, voice control, remote control, and button control. Dimmable (1-100% brightness)
4. Dimmable Mood Light: Click the bulb button to switch between 10 light color modes.
5. Perfect Decoration and Gift: Perfect for bed, bedroom, living room, home, or office decoration.      

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